Liquid bulk


Liquid bulk occupies a strategic position in the traffic of the Port of Nouakchott (nearly 600,000 tons) annually, it is the main source of energy for the national economy.

This type of product essentially contains: Butane gas, gasoline, Gas oil, kerosene, etc. (Hydrocarbon mainly).

The oil station is the only infrastructure dedicated to this type of cargo and which has pipelines connected to the tanks of the butane gas companies and to the MEPP located a few kilometers from the port facilities, through which the product is automatically pumped.

Mainly private tank trucks are used to supply service stations across the city of Nouakchott or the interior of the country.

The steps to be followed by the receiver are identical to those of the products mentioned above in the context of customs, port and maritime formalities (customs clearance, port law, handling)

The Port of Nouakchott collects a port duty tax (tax on goods) on the tonnage according to the tariff position of the products that make up this group: (Tonnage x Rate) + VAT (16%)

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