Quality in the port of Nouakchott


In 2017, the General Administration of the Port of Nouakchott committed itself, as part of its strategy to continuously improve port services, to respond to domestic needs and the requirements of the international market.

Thus, a quality department was established on February 8, 2017 in order to develop and disseminate a quality management system in accordance with generally accepted standards in this field.

The General Administration's pledge in this regard was expressed in an official document signed by the Director General of the port on March 1, 2018.

Over those years and until 2020, the port established regulatory bodies with the aim of adopting quality-based management, in particular:

  • A leadership committee chaired by the general manager and composed of a number of sector managers. This committee is concerned with supervising the project to develop quality-based management in the port.
  • A sub-committee entrusted with the development of quality-based management, coordinated by the Head of the Quality Department and made up of several heads of departments representing all sectors.


In order to achieve the goals set by the port of Nouakchott in the field of quality management, it was necessary to start organizing a training and awareness forum for the benefit of the members of the sub-committee in charge of developing quality-based management. Then meetings were held to determine the methods of managing the port on the basis of a good management system according to ISO 2015 standards.